Buy your next home with confidence

Lewis O’Brien & Associates is committed to ensuring that clients get the right advice at the right time.
The right time to get advice on a contract to purchase property is before you sign it.
For that reason, if you are serious about purchasing the property we are prepared to review the contract at no charge to you. This allows us to identify the key issues you should be aware of and offer suggestions that may assist you.

In the past, we have been able to point out to clients that:

  • The promised car park was not included in the contract of sale;
  • The owners corporation that managed the property was about to strike large fees for repairs and maintenance; and
  • The purchaser of the property would have to pay GST in addition to the contract price.

If you are successful, we expect that you will refer the conveyancing work to us. If you are not successful then we will not charge you.
If you want to engage us to undertake a no charge review please email the contract and your contact details to or call us on 03 9888 6388.

Please note that the no charge offer does not include off the plan contracts or house and land packages. We are happy to review these – but due to the length and complexity of these contracts there will be a charge.

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